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wide range of topics: professional and personal development and living more healthily


based on scientifically-proven techniques and methodologies


proven results, based on 50.000 assessments,

3.000 e-coaching and

1.500 Skype sessions


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why to choose myCo@ch?

Substantial reduction in employee turnover: during the coaching process employees tend to stay at the company. Deloitte has found this, regarding mentorship click here.


Burnout / Depression / Exhaustion

Psychosomatic symptoms

after 6 months of coaching


Engagement (motivation, vigour), has a considerable impact (21%, Gallup, 2017) on employee-productivity and health.

after 6 months of coaching


Every employee-with-burnout costs the organization minimum 25.000 Euro (Securex, 2017). In sectors like banking and retail, we’ve found up to 30% of employees at risk of burnout.

Only 1 contact point/platform needed for individual assessment, development and "prevention".


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