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myCo@ch can be adjusted to your needs

templates for assessment items and algorithms

templates for mapping user-profiles to assistance paths

 templates for creating new sessions/modules

optional video call sessions

personal questionnaire

creating the



the sessions-sequence

12 modules /ca. 3 months



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Over the previous years, Psy@Work has realized more than 200.000 assessments.


The Wellbeing Survey, produces a general scan of the organisation, covering factors like workload, communication, work-life balance, commuting, management,…  and generates a corporate report with a detailed statistical analysis according to the organisational demographics (jobtype, gender, department, function, seniority,…). Nevertheless, we can adapt this Survey to your specific needs, with no need for programming.

Furthermore, we can produce “short tests” or scans for specific topics. Examples are: work-life balance, communication styles, stress,…


We already produced over 100 modules, split over 4 different areas.


Nevertheless, thanks to our flexible session-builder, we can easily produce/modify sessions, with no need for programming.


The content could be yours, ours or developed together. For example: if you’d like to launch a company-wide campaign to promote ethical behaviour, we could develop a module/session of about 40 minutes, including a quiz, and daily exercises, which you could distribute within the entire organisation, or part of it.

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