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9/10 people would recommend our tools

90% adherence rate of blended coaching

“helpful”, “inspiring” and “useful” are words

 employees use to describe our intervention program


"I found the sessions very stimulating. Many questions came to me spontaneously, but through a structured approach through this coaching. I now have a lot more the feeling that this reflection can lead to practical changes."



“I’ve got better at managing conflicts, realising when it scalates, when it is being avoided and understanding it is ok to accommodate too. Giving and receiving negative and constructive feedback is something I have improved.”



"I've gained insight and I've learned to deal with congflicts."



“Everything is applicable. I liked it a lot. It’s very interesting.”



“Very interesting. It provides you with a guide to detect situations and makes you think. It helps you. I’ve noted down the most important concepts of each module to bear them in mind.”



"The modules helped me to reflect on how I think, and to make changes."


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